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information window

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For AVI files, you get a view like this:

For MKV files, it looks a bit different:

Note: You must right-click to call the menu. Any repairs and changes you select are only applied if you press the "apply changes" button!

change frameratewrites new framerate values into the headers. Unlike AVIfrate, AVI-Mux GUI is not mad enough to write them to fixed addresses. It will also write both framerate fields, not only one (AVIfrate only writes one)

Beginning with AVI-Mux GUI 1.17, you can also enter the framerate as a/b, for example 30000/1001 for NTSC. Then, the nominator and denominator will directly be written to the AVI file (the frame rate of AVI files is always indicated that way)
save as...stores the contents of the info dialogue into a text file.
repair bad dwDuration valuesRepairs bad dwDuration values in the super index of Open-DML files. Broken dwDuration values occur e.g. in OpenDML files created with VirtualDub 1.4.10 or earlier versions.
Only available if some dwDuration values are broken.
fix bad dwMicroSecPerFrame valueFixes nonsense caused by programs as AVIfrate and copies the frame rate value from the stream header to the Main AVI Header. AVIfrate only writes new framerate values to the stream header.
Only available if the dwMicroSecPerFrame value is broken.
change MainAVIHeader.dwFlagsYou can manually set the dwFlags value in the MainAVIHeader structure. This should never be required.
fix bad MainAVIHeader.dwTotalFrames valueWhen using Microsoft's DirectShow filter for capturing Open-DML - files, the MainAVIHeader.dwTotalFrames value will be broken if the captured file is larger than 1 GB. Use this option to fix such files.
It will only be available if this value is broken.