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joining files

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It's pretty easy to join files:
  1. Mark all files which you want to join (Ctrl + left click)
  2. press "generate data source from files"
If the files are compatible to each other (i.e. same video format, same audio formats, same subtitle formats), AVI-Mux GUI will treat these files as if they were just one single file. If the files can't be joined, e.g. because their format is incompatible, a message indicating the reason why joining is not possible will be shown.

At the moment, you can join sets of AVI, MKV, MP3, AC3, DTS, AAC files, but not OGG/Vorbis, SRT or SSA files.

This means for example, if you have 2 parts of a movie file, and separate subtitle files, you first have to join each part with its subtitles, resulting in 2 new AVI or MKV files. Then, you can join these 2 files. The reason why you cannot simply join SRT/SSA files is that those files don't really have a duration (the last subtitle in such a file may or may not coincide with the end of a file) and that there is no reasonable way (yet) to tell AVI-Mux GUI which duration it should associate with such a file. For OGG/Vorbis, the reason is that certain conditions must be met for 2 OGG/Vorbis files to be compatible, and this check is not yet implemented.

You can join AVI files containing MP3 CBR streams of different bitrate. Such streams will be treated as VBR then. The same applies, of course, to AC3, but AVI-Mux GUI does not yet support AC3 VBR muxing to AVI files. Thus, if you join 2 AVI files, each with AC3 audio, but with different bitrates, AVI output will not be available!

If you want to join several audio files, you have to disable "immediately add audio sources" first. Then, proceed as described above.