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Alexander Noé

Page last modified on March 27, 2006
Download last modified on March 30, 2006

What is this?

MKVVerify is a tool which reads Matroska files and checks them for errors. Since it does, like AVI-Mux GUI, not use any kind of foreign libs for Matroska files, it is independent from those and might even read files other tools crash with (or might crash on files other tools can read).

However, it is not able to detect all errors. It merely scans for common anomalies, caused either by b0rked muxing applications or by bad usage of those.
If you have a Matroska file that behaves weirdly, this tool might help to find out what is going on.

Latest fixes/changes: Known problems:
- won't display non-ASCII-characters in titles/stream names correctly

Use mkvverify -help to obtain a list of command line interface paramters, or use scandir.bat to scan all *.MKV files in the current directory.

Example: mkvverify d:\movies\filename.mkv -fullcheck

When scanning a file, to whatever extent, all spotted notes, warnings, or problems in the file will be displayed as a message.

download here