What you can see here is a pretty complete description on what I'm spending or have been spending my spare time on:
  1. Projects:
    Diesel-Fakten So far German only: Although it has been well known since 1990 that vehicles, not just diesel cars, are optimized for test cycles, and although Motorrad-Online has reported about a test cycle detection in 2000, journalists and politicians pretended to be totally surprised in 2015 that vehicles are optimized for test cycles, or even detect them. On I'm building a website that demonstrates that many journalists are either operating as trolls, or that education nowadays is even worse than many think.
    AVI-Mux GUI Application creating AVI and MKV files from various input file types. All file format parsers and muxers are written from scratch.
    mkvverify Can be used to show some properties of matroska files and to look for more or less common errors in such files.
    matroska.dll A DLL allowing to read matroska files and a delphi include file to use it.
    Bitsetting utility Demonstrates how to change the bitsetting behavior of LG, BenQ and Plextor drives. The sample application is a simple command line interface application that can be put in the autostart to make sure that a certain setting is applied after each reboot
    ASPISpy An ASPI spy DLL written in assembly language
    PxScan/PxView Performs PIE, PIF, Jitter, Beta, TA and C1/C2 scans on Plextor drives supporting those functions, removing some limitations imposed by PlexTools Professional (for example concerning scanning speed, supported drives, scale configuration...). This tool continues to exist despite of threats from Plextor's parent company.
    Patch for cdrtools-2.01.01a06 This patch adds NEC and Plextor C1/C2 scan capability to readcd
    cdvdlib Source code showing how to access CD/DVD drives using ASPI
    Weak Sector Utility Application demonstrating how weak sectors, which are one part of the SaveDisc 2 copy protection mechanism, work, how to detect them and how to create them

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